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  "A global treasure"

~ Pat Schroeder, former U.S. Congresswoman.

Photographer, digital artist, author, columnist and lecturer, all describe what Sally Wiener Grotta does. But to truly understand who she is, one must also apply the title Storyteller to her list of accomplishments and achievements. Whether it's a picture or an article, a workshop or a book, Sally's primary purpose, above and beyond communicating concepts, ideas and information, is to tell a good story that will entertain, amuse and enlighten.

Sally is credited with a number of “firsts” in the field of photography and digital imaging. These include a major one-woman art exhibit at the Apple Market Center in New York City, which was the first all-digital show at the Center. (Some say it was the first all-digital art show in Manhattan.) Other venues where Sally’s art has been exhibited include one-woman and group shows in numerous galleries and other venues, primarily in Pennsylvania and New York. Several exhibits (in addition to those for American Hands) are scheduled for 2012 and 2013. To see some of Sally's work from other projects, please go to her online portfolio or The Wordsmiths Project.

“Every once in a while great artists are able to transcend.... Sally’s vision is grand... [and] ... reflected in the warmth she portrays in the people she photographs and the world she captures.”

~ Steven Rosenbaum,  

President of SIR Communications and former Editor of Modern Photography

Such is Sally’s renown within the digital imaging and photography realm, that she is generally referred to by her first name. A pioneer in digital art, Sally developed new creative techniques and styles in the medium when it was still in its infancy. Numerous other experts in digital photography and imaging have acknowledged that they first learned the basics from Sally’s books, articles and/or lectures.

A former chapter president of American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and Contract Shooter for The Stock Market photo agency, Sally has traveled on assignment all over the world, to all the continents (including three trips to Antarctica), plus many exotic islands (such as Papua New Guinea and Madagascar). Sally’s photographs and articles have appeared in many magazines and books, including: Islands Magazine, Réalities, Parade, San Francisco Magazine, Showboats International, Newsweek, Lear's, The Robb Report, Popular Science, Woman’s Day, American Heritage, and scores of others.

Sally has written many hundreds of articles and reviews on photography, photo editing and imaging for a wide variety of major magazines, including PC Magazine, where she and Daniel were that publication’s resident experts on computer graphics and photography for more than 10 years. Sally co-authored (with Daniel Grotta) the groundbreaking work, "Digital Imaging for Visual Artists" (McGraw-Hill), which is regarded as having been the first significant book on the subject. Their other books include:

      "PC Magazine Digital SLR Photography Solutions" (John Wiley)

      "Shooting for Dollars: Simple Photo Techniques for Greater eBay Profits" (Peachpit Press)

      "PC Magazine Guide to Digital Photography" (John Wiley)


Sally gives lectures and workshops on photography, photo editing, digital art, and other subjects around the continent. She is also a popular guest for radio and TV interviews on the subject of photography and imaging. Beyond the technology of photography, Sally focuses on the stories behind her pictures and the wondrous process of creating them.

"If you don't know Sally, you don't know imaging."

~ Amy Wohl, well-known industry analyst