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Programs, Workshops & Seminars Offered

"Thank you! You're a wonderful educator. Your aptitude regarding the subject area is without parallel. Too, your energy, animation and enthusiasm made for a very interesting presentation."
~ William John Heard II, Professor of History (retired) Penn State University

Photo essayist Sally Wiener Grotta is traveling the United States, spending time in various artisans’ workshops, capturing the stories of their life’s work and passion for her American Hands project. When her schedule permits, she also accepts Artist in Residences and speaking engagements at select schools, universities, museums and similar organizations, and will sometimes schedule her American Hands  photo shoots to coincide with such invitations.

Programs that Sally leads include the following::

  • American Hands exhibits & gallery talks
  • American Hands slide-show presentations & discussions
  • American Hands study courses for grades 8 through 12, as well as for college and art school students
  • American Hands programs and classroom discussions for elementary and middle schools
  • Other school programs to encourage students to explore the history and stories behind American Hands, as well as to try their hands at various crafts
  • Interactive programs in senior centers, to encourage older Americans to tell the stories they remember about the people who handmade everyday items

"An eye opener." "Invigorating." Stimulating." "It left me wired."
~ Typical audience feedback

Additional programs available include:
  • A lecture or workshop on "Follow Your Passion: A Practical Blueprint to Realizing Your Vision"

  • Master Classes in Photography
    • Narrative Photography
    • Light & Shadows: Renaissance-like Lighting Using Whatever Is at Hand
    • Creative Digital Photo Processing
    • Fine Art Photography: Preparation, Printing & Presentation
  • Mentoring
    • Advise/critique students on their photography, digital processing, image editing and/or printing
    • Personal project: Oversee and advise students, as they develop and execute a personal photography project
    • Curate exhibit of students' work
    • Invite select individual students to assist in (and learn from) American Hands photo shoots
  • General Lectures/Workshops on Photography
    • "Seeing Like a Photographer"
    • "Line, Light & Color"
    • "Mind's Eye View"
    • Various other related subjects
  • Custom programs for your organization

If you are interested in having Sally give any of the above programs or design one for your group, or if you wish to be on the email list for American Hands exhibits and announcements for Sally’s various appearances, please use the Contact page on this Website or email Sally.

"Personable, realistic and your range of knowledge is truly remarkable."
~ a seminar attendee
  • Workshops & Programs Offered
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